Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Business Law

At Proviso Law Group, we firmly believe in “preventive law” when it comes to providing legal services.  Too often, people wait until they need to file a lawsuit or defend one in order to hire an attorney.  Often, these situations could have been avoided by planning ahead.

Our philosophy is to anticipate and plan for the legal contingencies which may affect you in the future. These are the “what-ifs” that could plague your business and diminish your time and assets. Lawsuits are expensive, time-consuming and stressful. Our preventive law approach to solving problems is designed to save you time, money and litigation in the future.

When you are a small business, having to file bankruptcy because of one devastating lawsuit is not uncommon. As a strategic measure, your best defense against a lawsuit is prevention. We can establish business safeguards and self defense mechanisms to limit your lawsuit liability.

We can help with:

Business formation (C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC, LLP, Close Corporations… etc.)
Regulatory compliance
Business Dissolutions/ Successions
Service contracts drafting/review
Website terms and conditions
Privacy Policies
Non-disclosure/non-compete agreements
Software licensing agreements
Lease review/negotiation
Purchase/sale of a business
Legal health audit
Employment agreements
Business disputes and litigation
USPTO Trademark Registration
Copyright registration