Wednesday, January 24, 2018

About Us

Proviso Law Group was founded with the belief that the best solutions are the ones that prevent legal problems before they occur.  So much money is wasted in litigation because of a failure of planning and communication.  When it comes to future legal claims, whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, there are methods to reduce the chances of unnecessary litigation.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than working with clients during the planning stage, whether you are a young entrepreneur just starting out, an experienced business owner or a family trying to get your estate planning matters in order.   This is because the planning stage is an optimistic stage where there is still some kind of control over what may happen in the future.  Litigation is an ugly place to be. When you consult with an attorney to file a lawsuit or to defend one, obviously, you’re not in a happy place.  It is stressful, time-consuming and expensive.

Working, running a business, and/or raising a family is hard enough without a cloud of liability hanging over your head.  We work proactively to minimize your legal concerns and bring you peace of mind.

Lawyers have a reputation for being deal-killers, for pointing out all the legal flaws and problems in what you are trying to accomplish.  Beware of those who can point out the problems but can’t offer you solutions.  We can’t promise to make your legal barriers disappear, but we can promise you options.